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Anthony Pratl RIP

I met Anthony Pratl in 7th grade.
I met him in a Yahoo chatroom. His
name in there was IsraelSon and I
thought he might be Israeli. Turned
out he just liked Silver Chair. We
talked and I found out he was a grade
behind me and lived in San Diego. He
also had several family members in
Wisconsin. We became very close internet
friends. He was my "internet boyfriend".
We lost touch a couple of years ago, I
believe in my sophmore year in high school.
I got the urge to find him and see how
he was doing. His emails didn't work.
I found his phone number and called only
to find out he died about a year ago
in a car accident. So now I talk to
him in my own special way and light
candles for him. Tony, the flame of
your soul will forever burn in my heart.

If only we could see beyond the big blue sky, 
We would see God and his Angels that fly. 
You see Heaven's glory is brighter than gold, 
Where everyone is young and no one grows old. 
I visualize Angels that are beautiful as can be, 
Praising the Lord and showing God's love to me. 
Oh the joy I feel when I hear the Angels sing, 
And surround me with their awesome wings, 
Heaven will be filled with great joy and praise, 
Where there is no night and there are no days. 
Yes, God will wipe every tear from our eyes, 
He will show us truth and defeat Satan's lies. 
He will take away all of the pain we feel, 
And all of our human diseases he will heal. 
God sends his precious Angels to comfort us, 
They are supreme beings that are most glorious. 
Angels are there for you whenever you need, 
And they are always doing a wonderful deed. 
The power Angels have is the reason why, 
Yes, I do believe in Heaven Angels can fly.