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Some Ignorant Creep

Alena134: you know you shouldn't
use the word "gay" so loosely
f81jon: i'll keep that in mind...
f81jon: who the hell are you
Alena134: alena
f81jon: are you gay
Alena134: far from it
f81jon: good
Alena134: what do you mean good?
f81jon: gay isn't good
Alena134: oh and why is that
f81jon: cause they take it up the ass
Alena134: um not all gay people do
Alena134: and who the fuck are you to
judge other people
f81jon: who the hell are you
Alena134: someone who's trying to set
your ignorant ass mind straight
f81jon: it's already set straight fag
Alena134: once again i'm not gay
f81jon: now go fuckoff treehugger
Alena134: welcome to the real world jerk
Alena134: not everyone is like you
f81jon: go join algore and his army of queers
Alena134: accept it
f81jon: lol
f81jon: you're one to talk, yodu on't
fuckin know me jackass
Alena134: i know enough
f81jon: again, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU
f81jon: no you don't
Alena134: i'm eric's girlfriend
Alena134: SO FUCK ME
f81jon: eric?
Alena134: battlekow
f81jon: ok good for you
f81jon: now go away
f81jon signed off at 4:23:52 PM. 

Abby and Dumbass Paul

TKDrls: and why would u be at this party ne ways
... you don't celebrate the new year
snakbum: who are you to say what i do and dont
snakbum: why would dorise be at this party
snakbum: jew new year was months ago
snakbum: stupid bitch
TKDrls: i do know about other religions then
snakbum: yeah so?
snakbum: you know nothing about jehova w's
TKDrls: dorise organized this party! it was
her idea, and she put together everything.
she's going because it's hers, and you're
lucky she's letting you come at all. that,
and jews living in america celebrate
AMERICAN holidays....retard
TKDrls: yes i do.. one of my friends is jw
snakbum: she dont have to let me come to my
friends house
TKDrls: nick does
snakbum: i asked nick if i could show up
and say hi and he said fine
TKDrls: whatever
snakbum: jews thats celebrate american
holidays just b/c they live here then are dumb
snakbum: tell them to go back to israel
TKDrls: so i'm dumb becuase i'm an american
celebrating an american holieday
snakbum: its not american you stupid bitch
snakbum: its a fuckin world holiday
TKDrls: very closed minded i must say
snakbum: its not just new years for the USA
TKDrls: the months are different an=in at
least 10 dif countiries.. now whoes stupid
snakbum: its not just american tho, my god
TKDrls: you basically just said for all
immigrants to go back to their homeland?
are you THAT stupid....where do you think
YOU came from? even all americans, if not
from elsewhere, came from england. you are
a fucking idiotic confederist (can you read
that? con-fed-er-ist) and i'm done wasting
my breath on you now
snakbum: and im sure at least 10 such an even number
snakbum: you sound lime my mom making up fact shit
TKDrls: at least
TKDrls: there could be more or do ou not
understand the concept of at least
snakbum: no i said non-jew holiday celebrating
jews to go back to israel
TKDrls: we celebrate both new years
snakbum: good
snakbum: celebrate as much as you can because
its just so happy and fun and all these good things
snakbum: party
snakbum: party
snakbum signed off at 5:22:30 PM. 

My Pick N Save Manager

Alena134: hey!
KimMllr3: what
Alena134: twas the night before christmas
and pick n save was one was there,not
even a mouse (except for James)
KimMllr3: nice pictures !
Alena134: nice pick n save feast in the 
break room! hahahah
Alena134: DId you guess who the U.C. was
behind the bear mask????
KimMllr3: no
Alena134: I'll give you a hint... "MOUSE"
KimMllr3: Adam?
Alena134: YAY
Alena134: hahahahah
KimMllr3: lol
Alena134: now THAT'S a keeper!
KimMllr3: did you get any presents tonite?/
Alena134: No, I'm Jewish, but I got some a
few days ago
Alena134: no fruitcakes and silverbells for
me :-( haha
KimMllr3: Im sorry, im not into the religious
thing , i guess!
Alena134: doo dee doo.. I'm george the liquor
man.. dumm dumm.. haha george rocks!
Alena134: Ron has his own comedy hour on cable
TV.. airing 3-4am. Ba dum dumCHING
KimMllr3: Its been nice chatting, but im going
back to the sport s page! youll have to excuse
my typing itll get better! 
Alena134: hehe, no problem! See you at work!
KimMllr3: bye

Dorise and Dan

DinDYSAK: hey!!!!
withered wrinkle: hi
DinDYSAK: that wasn't nice!
DinDYSAK: why'd you blockie me?
withered wrinkle: what are you
talking about
DinDYSAK: why?
withered wrinkle: what does
withered wrinkle: i didnt do
that to anybody
DinDYSAK: yes you did!
withered wrinkle: you chose
your destiny, not me
DinDYSAK: i been pootlisted
DinDYSAK: i choose my destiny?
withered wrinkle: chose
DinDYSAK: i didn't say anything bad!
withered wrinkle: past tense
withered wrinkle: not future
DinDYSAK: whatever!
DinDYSAK: take me off the poot list!
withered wrinkle: there is no poot list
DinDYSAK: shit list?
DinDYSAK: as alena says...
withered wrinkle: CAN YOU READ THIS STATEMENT?
DinDYSAK: mama
withered wrinkle: then there are no excuses
DinDYSAK: what?
DinDYSAK: are you talking about?!
withered wrinkle: i dont have time 
for this
withered wrinkle: rules are rules 
and they cant be broken
DinDYSAK: ?!
DinDYSAK: TWAT rules?!
withered wrinkle: THE rules
DinDYSAK: i=confused and shitlisted
DinDYSAK: pl00t
withered wrinkle: and it = your fault
DinDYSAK: howza my fault?
withered wrinkle: read the rules
DinDYSAK: where are these rules you
speak of?
withered wrinkle: in the first place 
you should look
withered wrinkle: they are there for 
everyone to read
DinDYSAK: where?!
withered wrinkle: if you dont read 
them, its not my fault
DinDYSAK: mumu!
DinDYSAK: and i must away meself
withered wrinkle: you arent a baby
DinDYSAK: can i please be unblocked?
withered wrinkle: im not your mothex
withered wrinkle: you should take 
care of yourself
DinDYSAK: oook
DinDYSAK: please unblock me?
withered wrinkle: we will see
DinDYSAK: ooook
DinDYSAK: tata
withered wrinkle: you did break the rules
withered wrinkle: you will have the
DinDYSAK: i had some consequences
DinDYSAK: but now i leavie
DinDYSAK: tata
withered wrinkle: bye